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MI (M Irfat) is a CA, CMA(USA) and CIMA by profession and an educationist by passion. He is the best costing faculty in India and is famously known as God of Costing, Costing Guru, and Dictionary of Costing amongst the students who love him for his commitment, sincerity and simplicity.
With more than a decade of teaching experience, students know him as the best faculty for costing for CA Final as well as the best costing faculty for CA Inter. Over a period of 12 years, MI Sir has taught thousands of students in most cities of India and has earned a name which is synonymous to the Costing subject he teaches.
MI Sir has been felicitated with various awards and recognition, including the most prestigious – “The Teaching Excellence” award conferred by the Skill Development Minister, Government of Karnataka and Indus Global Foundation in Bangalore.

M Irfat or MI Sir, as he is known among his students, is a qualified CA, CIMA(UK), CMA(USA). In addition to the mentioned, he holds several other degrees in accounting and finance.

His early professional engagements include being Finance Manager at Shell Aviation. Prior to them, he has also worked with BMR Advisors.

Though he was working in various positions with corporates, he was still actively involved in teaching Costing for Various courses, including CA, CMA, ACCA & CPA.

M Irfat Sir or MI Sir has been felicitated with numerous prestigious awards, including the “Teaching Excellence” conferred by the Skill Development Minister, Government of Karnataka, and Indus Global Foundation at Bangalore.

CA aspirant across the Country acclaims MI Sir as “The God of Costing,” while many call him the “Dictionary of Costing.” He is by far the CA final costing best faculty, and it is amazing to know that it not just the opinion of some of the students, but the entire batch agrees that he is actually the CA Final Costing best teacher. He has achieved this impeccable position only for his simplicity and dedication to the success of his students.

Due to his sheer commitment, he has acquired a very deep conceptual knowledge of the subject, which makes him perfect for delivering the core concept of the costing paper to every student in his class. He has taught more than 15,000 students in just live classes. His recent launch of pen drive class became an immediate hit, and he is less than one months’ time was regarded as the best faculty for ca final costing Pendrive.

He has transformed and created many successful Chartered Accountants in India who have dedicated their success to him.

The level of recognition he has today among students, to be known as the Best Teacher for CA Final Costing in India, is one of the most remarkable achievements of MI Sir. Though he has been teaching for quite a long and can be confidently regarded as one of the most experienced faculty in the industry, he never got into the race of becoming the ca final costing best faculty or shown such desire to be regarded as the ca final costing best teacher.

Though MI Sir is known as the best faculty for CA Final Costing; with the combination of corporate experience and with a decade of teaching experience; he is highly regarded amongst the Teaching Faculty not just as the best ca final costing teacher but is also quite known for his excellence in various International Courses like CMA (USA), CPA and ACCA.
Being considered as the best teacher for ca final costing comes with lots of work that he has incorporated in his methodology, which is aimed at raising the standard of education imparted on international levels, especially in Professional Course like CA, CPA, CMA USA, and ACCA Coaching.

His pendrive classes are a very big hit amongst the student who wanted to study at their own pace. M Irfat, sir in no time was able to reach a position to be called best faculty for ca final costing pendrive only due to in-depth teaching of the concept without hurrying to finish the syllabus. The best part of his pen drive classes is that he has also recorded lots of very technical questions that will give you in-depth knowledge of the subject and has also covered many possible doubts that the students may encounter while doing self-study. This farsightedness and understanding of possible doubts that the students may get actually make him the best ca final costing teacher who understands the real problem and doubts of their students.

As the best teacher for costing ca final, he starts every topic from scratch covering every possible detail and concept area. This helps the students have a great start after having covered all the basics in the class. This is very important considering the gap between CA Inter and CA Final, during which most students forget the concepts that they had learned.

Though MI Sir is quite known for the ca final costing new syllabus best faculty, but he was equally known for CA Inter Costing as well. And any student who has attended him for CA Inter never goes to any other faculty when it comes to CA Final.

As the best faculty for costing ca final, he has tremendous responsibility towards his students to deliver consistently. And for his classes, timings, and commitment, you will surely never be disappointed in his classes.

With very few ca final costing teachers in India who are well recognized with credibility, students have finally found a trusted name that delivers right up to their expectations.

Most of the costing teachers for ca final teach in only Hindi. However, M Irfat, sir, knows not just fine, fluent and amazing English, but is also quite good in Hindi and manages teaching in both the languages with amazing fluency since he has very good command over both the languages.

When the new syllabus (scm and pe or scmpe CA Final) was launched, most students went out looking for the best faculty for ca final costing new syllabus. But since it contained case study questions, no faculty in India had any experience with case study type of questions. However, M Irfat, sir being a CIMA(UK) qualified could manage the case studies quite comfortably since such case studies he himself has answered while studying for the CIMA Exams, unlike other teachers who never studied or wrote any case study answers while they themselves were studying.

Though there are quite a lot of costing the best faculty for ca final, most of them are highly professional and have experience in only teaching. They fail to connect costing with real-life practical situations. M Irfat sir makes the subject practical and connects with what we, as corporates, do in real life scenario, making the subject much more practical and interesting.

To be regarded as costing ca final best faculty, one must earn it through consistent delivery of results and hard work. M Irfat, sir, with more than 17 years of teaching experience, has earned a name that is synonymous with the subjects he teaches today.

The new syllabus for CA Final costing, also called strategic cost management ppt, is actually good for a student who does not like the QT syllabus so much. It also lays a lot of emphasis on the importance of strategic cost management, which is very much the norms and requirements of the industry today. The new syllabus with strategic cost management process and case studies, which has been mastered by M Irfat, sir, has made him the best faculty for ca final costing new course.

However, it would not be fair to confine M Irfat Sir as just the costing ca final best teacher since he teaches quite a number of courses that have a subject related to costing (scm pe) in it such as ACCA, CPA, and CMA USA. Being the best costing teacher for ca final has given him lots of experience and knowledge that he handles many other courses with quite an ease. And his other international qualification has exposed him and made him the best faculty in the world of cost.

In fact, ACCA has quite a number of paper which are quite comparable to the Costing Syllabus of CA Inter and ca final scm and pe combined such as F2, F5, P5. Similarly, the BEC paper in CPA covers a lot of concepts that are already covered in detail in ca final scmpe.

In summary, the ca final costing new syllabus (or scm and pe ca final) students should be glad that the ICAI has introduced a syllabus that is very comprehensive and in line with the syllabus at the global level. It does not just help them give a broader aspect to costing but also allows them to prepare for the exams at the international level.

Following are some of the student’s review:

MI Classes is a high value-driven Institution that has created a name for itself in not only CA but also in CMA & ACCA with a consistently increasing success rate every year.

M Irfat (MI Sir) at MI classes has taken the learning to the next level by Concept centric & interactive teaching methodologies specifically designed to make the Costing Subject Simple and Understandable.

The coaching is designed in such a practical and comprehensive manner involving mock exams and exam simulated tests. MI Classes uses an application that is similar to the original Examination used for conducting the Main exam. Every student aspiring to sit for the final exam must take all the mock exams using the application. This has enabled MI Classes to achieve 100% results in the Examination.

If you ever found CA costing tough and you think it is impossible to score well, MI Classes is the place for you.

We at MI Classes are best known for the CA Intermediate – Cost and Management Accounting (informally known as CA Inter Costing) and CA Final – Strategic Cost Management and Performance Evaluation (informally known as CA Final Costing), CMA USA (Certified Management Accountants), and ACCA.


Conceptual learning
Deep understanding of the subject
Flexible batch timings to choose from
Teaches separate batches for Hindi and English
Multiple possibilities for learning, including live online interactive classes, Pendrive classes, google drive, and mobile applications.

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